Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Prediction Guru - World's no 1 sports network

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Prediction Guru is a lightweight app developed for sport lovers and enthusiasts. It is a cross platform application designed to give people who love sports a great experience of their preferred leagues by making predictions on the end results. This application has the capability of delivering all important information that can help you make important prediction and even win some of the predictions. Among the information it can provide include; past match status, league standings, prediction on match outcomes, possible wins and so on. Here are some of the best features of this app:

Being up-to-date
With this feature, you will never miss information about your favorite team or sports events. Sports Guru updates you on a daily basis about what is going on in the sports arena and it also gives you all the necessary information you need. Therefore, you will never miss the sports news and information wherever you go.

Match Heat
This is one of the best features about this app. The app has the ability to select and recommend matches for you to choose depending on whether the match is boring or interesting. This feature makes it easier for you to make predictions based on the match heat analysis.

Easy to use user interface
The user interface of this app features user friendly characteristics. It is less complicated and offers users a number of options to enhance their experience. The options are all arranged in a clear design and it allows users to respond quickly to alerts and information they receive.

Leader board activities
This app allows you to compare your prediction and scores with other people connected across the world. The more predictions you make the more you achieve. The leader board allows you to see other users’ prediction on match outcomes. This makes it more interesting and easy to make a prediction and win.

Access to information
On top of the sports fixtures, this app allows you to access to sports network and answer sports questions. You get access to team information, league news, upcoming events, specific player profile information, and upcoming changes or advancements.

Getting connected with your friends
Prediction Guru allows you to share information with your friends, compete with some of them and improve your sports knowledge. This app also allows you to build groups with people who share a
common goal. With a huge community of sports enthusiasts, you can make friends and engage in predicting matches and showing your prowess in making predictions.

Predict Guru is a no gambling app that is designed to make sport predictions fun and exciting. You get to win loyalty coins, virtual coins and achievement badges when you make accurate predictions.

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Case #33 - Killing Me Softly

Case #33 - Killing Me Softly

  • VICTIM : Olly Oliver (lead singer found dead and stuffed in a drum)
  • WEAPON : Strychnine
  • KILLER : Mary Lou Hong
  • SUSPECTS : Riley Daviesm, Irma Anderson, Mary Lou Hong, The @rtist and Kevin Parker
  • FREE HAMBURGER : Irma Anderson

  • The killer has access to rat poison.
  • The killer is a musician.
  • The killer eats roasted peanuts.
  • The killer wears paisley.
  • The killer is female.

1. Riley Daviesm 

2. Irma Anderson

3. Mary Lou Hong

4. The @rtist

5. Kevin Parker


1. Concert Stage

2. Drum Kit

3. Diner Tables

4. Diner Counter

5. Comic Book Shop

6. Bookshelves

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Case #32: Murder on Campus

Case #32 - Murder on Campus

  • VICTIM : Rani Goshwalla (found gruesomely tied up in her bikini next to an ant hill)
  • WEAPON : Ants
  • KILLER : Misha Goshwalla
  • SUSPECTS : Donna Walker, Tess Goodwin, Misha Goshwalla, Josh Anderson and Madison Springer
  • FREE HAMBURGER : Tess Goodwin


1. Donna Walker

2. Tess Goodwin

3. Misha Goshwalla

4. Josh Anderson

5. Madison Springer


1. College Ground

2. Campus Lawn

3. Amphitheater

4. Auditorium

5. Sorority Common Room

6. Sorority Lounge

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Case #31 - DOG EAT DOG

Case #31 - DOG EAT DOG

  • VICTIM : Molly Robinson (Prime Victim)
  • OTHER VICTIMS (DOGS): Poochickin (Molly Robinson’s dog), Mr. Snuggles (Gertrude Piccadilly’s dog), Unnamed Husky (James Savage’s dog)
  • WEAPON : Cupcake
  • KILLER : Margaret Littlewood
  • SUSPECTS : Margaret Littlewood, Charles Parker, James Savage, Gertrude Piccadilly, Desmond Galloway
  • FREE HAMBURGERS: Gertrude Piccadilly


1. Margaret Littlewood

2. Charles Parker

3. James Savage

4. Gertrude Piccadilly

5. Desmond Galloway


1.  Dog Pageant Arena

2. Obstacle Course

3. Hunter Shack

4. Shack Floor

5. Pet Beauty Parlor

6. Washing Stations

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Case #30 - The Wollcrafts' Creature

Case #30 - The Wollcrafts' Creature

  • VICTIM : Claire Godwin (found electrocuted in the Wollcrafts' garage)
  • WEAPON : Experimental Machine
  • KILLER : Percy Wollcraft
  • SUSPECTS : Victor Wollcraft, Ivan Imlay, Fran Wollcraft, Percy Wollcraft and Constance Bell


1. Victor Wollcraft

2. Ivan Imlay

3. Fran Wollcraft

4. Percy Wollcraft

5. Constance Bell


1. Dog Parcel

2. Exposition Hall

3. Garage Laboratory

4. Graves

5. Mammoth Skeleton

6. Operation Table