Saturday, February 23, 2013

Tips & Tricks

Game Play Tips

  1. Minimize the use of Hints from friends. Instead use the hints provided in this blog.
  2. DO NOT randomly click in the Scene. Try to be precise and Click on the items as this gives a Multiplying effect on the points. 
  3. Once you get 5 stars in a scene, Use it to gain 20 xp which will help in quickly increasing the level and getting the 110 energy back. USE ONLY When the level up bar is almost full. Otherwise you are hindering your chances of moving ahead.
  4. Use Energy Refills only when you have Full hint bonus friends remaining. This will improve scoring.


  1. 20 Energy consumed for every round you play.
  2. Energy refills every 3min 20secs
  3. Total Energy = 110. Takes 6hrs 6mins 20secs to refill completely
  4. Play every 6hrs for the quickest results.
  5. Orange Juice = 20 Energy
  6. Potato Chips = 50 Energy
  7. Burger = 100 Energy
  8. On increase of level, Share the post, so that friends can get the Orange Juice and You can get a Card in return.
  9. On promotion, Share the post to give friends Potato Chips and get a card in return.
  10. Copy the post link and paste in comments. More people get orange juice / potato chips and YOU GET MORE CARDS.
  11. Create new friends from our blog to get Full hint bonus whenever you play.


  1. what is the combo bar for? it takes 3000 points for it.

    1. I think it's a score multiplier. The quicker you find an item the higher your multiplier--up to 6x. So, if you find an item and get 25,000 points for for it, take the score and multiply it by the amount your combo bar is currently at. For example:

      - Found item = 25,000 points
      - Combo Bar at 6x

      25,000pts x 6 = 150,000 for that found item.

  2. how to make new friends in this blog boss...??

    1. Followers of this blog are listed on the left sidebar, below popular posts and above the qc code. Send people messages inviting them to friend you on FB. When you add friends just for games, make sure that you place them on your "restricted" list.

    2. Followers are moved on top of sidebar. Enjoy! ;)

  3. I am stuck at the end of case #2, not enough stars to open next investigation, won all possible stars already, and no way to get more stars. Any help?

    1. Wait three days for the game to automatically bump you into the next case.

  4. another tip: feed your dog a bone every minute instead of a chicken every 12 hrs you get more hearts by doing that


  6. Try playing after 12:30 am.... there is happy hour which gives unlimited energy for an hour. I played for an hour and got around 15 starsin case 4.

  7. You get 1 energy every 2 minutes now.

  8. Can SOMEONE please tell me what the knife bonus is for???????