Saturday, October 12, 2013

Case #10 - Under The Knife

Case #10 - Under The Knife

  • VICTIM: Alan Cardwell (found dead in Alberta Alley)
  • WEAPON: Candlestick
  • KILLER: Paul Oaster
  • SUSPECTS: Sarah Cardwell, Joshua Kempe, Curtis Newman, Samantha Warner and Paul Oaster


1. Sarah Cardwell

2. Joshua Kempe

3. Curtis Newman

4. Samantha Warner

5. Paul Oaster


1. Backstreet

2. Garbage Bin

3. Barber Shop

4. Barber's Seat

5. Pew

6. Altar


  1. would b helpful if u could say who has what to give at the end like energy, or meals etc

  2. there are at least 16 items in scene 3. barber shop that are in the wrong place. How can it be so wrong?

    1. it's because they (the criminal case game developers) have changed the scene and its contents since this was last posted. the scene 3, barber shop, before isn't the same as the one you see and play with now, so whatever is posted and written here isn't necessarily wrong. it just isn't updated.