Sunday, October 20, 2013

Case #15 - Family Blood

Case #15 - Family Blood

  • VICTIM: Aileen Greene (she was found beaten to death and tied up next to her baby's crib)
  • WEAPON: Baseball bat
  • KILLER: Scott Greene
  • SUSPECTSIrma Fusslepot, Paul Greene, Tom Hunt, Alden Greene and Scott Greene


1. Irma Fusslepot

2. Paul Greene

3. Tom Hunt

4. Alden Greene

5. Scott Greene


1. Derelict Hallway

2. Baby's Bedroom

3. Sleeping Corner

4. Backyard

5. Toy Chest

6. Tree House


  1. In #1 - Missing ladybug on the chain above the old car.

  2. In #2 - there are several items not listed. Onesie on the chest, Xylophone on dresser against lamp, Leash on dresser; Wings on wall right hand side, just below the dragon head; Glove on floor near the turtle; Paper under the lollipop on small table; Plug dangling from chest; Paint on floor, lower left corner.

  3. #4 is missing several items and has several other items listed as a 'bear'. MISSING: Triangle (orange) on roof of tree house; Star on far right of branches of tree; Rainbow in sky, left side of neighbors house, just under the eaves of the porch. MISLABELED: Beer next to mole hole; Letter E instead of number three on the side of tree house; Backpack on porch; Football on shelf; Tin Can on railing; 4 instead of three Scratches on porch post; Screw just above the scratches instead of bear.

  4. #5: MISSING: Palm Tree on far left wall behind toy box; Hair Scrunchy between dolls legs; Shoe Print on dolls left shoe; Candy Cane far right side of toy box.

  5. #6 - Missing: Number 2 in tree just to the left of the apple; Sign just to the right of the spider; Hand Print in tree just to the left of the kite. MISLABELED: Plane is actually Bucket.

  6. Sally Moon, Thnx for ur updates.......Its quiet Helpful.......

  7. Where is candle in Derelict Hallway

    1. Candle is on the very far right, under the ladder.