Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Case #16 - The Kiss of Death

Case #16 - The Kiss of Death

  • VICTIM: Emma Ternon (pushed out of a tower building window)
  • WEAPON: Defenestration
  • KILLER: Roger Dence
  • SUSPECTS: Rachel Priest, Rozalina Davidov, Richard Dobbs, Josie Picket and Roger Dence


1. Rachel Priest

2. Rozalina Davidov

3. Richard Dobbs

4. Josie Picket

5. Roger Dence


1. Square's Entrance

2. Square Steps

3. Newsroom

4. Rachel Priest's Desk

5. Casino's Top Floor

6. Casino Games


  1. I like the box for the clues but the color red gets lost in the picture it is hard to see the words the blue words seem to be ok.

  2. A few things missing in Scene 1:
    Advert (upper left white building
    Banana - in garbage can\
    Baseball - on top step
    Prison Tower - behind glass building on left
    Water Tower - right of Zepplin