Monday, September 15, 2014

Case #33 - Killing Me Softly

Case #33 - Killing Me Softly

  • VICTIM : Olly Oliver (lead singer found dead and stuffed in a drum)
  • WEAPON : Strychnine
  • KILLER : Mary Lou Hong
  • SUSPECTS : Riley Daviesm, Irma Anderson, Mary Lou Hong, The @rtist and Kevin Parker
  • FREE HAMBURGER : Irma Anderson

  • The killer has access to rat poison.
  • The killer is a musician.
  • The killer eats roasted peanuts.
  • The killer wears paisley.
  • The killer is female.

1. Riley Daviesm 

2. Irma Anderson

3. Mary Lou Hong

4. The @rtist

5. Kevin Parker


1. Concert Stage

2. Drum Kit

3. Diner Tables

4. Diner Counter

5. Comic Book Shop

6. Bookshelves


  1. Where are the another 23? and the another extra 18? pls finish this if not completed-

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  3. Im on #34 and you stop on #33!!!! What's up!??!

  4. How does a person become a full hint friend? How do I know what I am? Is anyone still using this forum?

  5. some of the pictures seam off a bit in color and they forgot a few things in a few. I would like if you could go till the end of the game. I am now on 33 and I will miss your help.